One Cause Covered By Retina Specialists

Age related macular degeneration, or AMD as the acronym goes, is considered to be a leading cause of severe visionary loss in adults over sixty years of age. That is in the United States alone. There are also the cases of both dry macular and wet macular deterioration or degeneration. These are one of the many eye defects being examined by virginia retina specialists today. AMD has been categorized two ways. On the one side you have wet or neovascular conditions. And on the other, you have eyes that atrophy or simply become too dry. Hence the conditions of dry macular degeneration and wet macular degeneration, both conditions still primarily age related.

Initially, patients will develop dry macular degeneration. This is not always noticeable at first. But by the time the patient undergoes a specialist diagnosis, he or she may be experiencing sensations of distortion or spots marring his or her vision. Rates of regression will always differ from patient to patient. As far as AMD goes, there is generally no cause for alarm. While you may suffer from AMD, you will never suffer a loss of vision. It should go without saying that you do your eyes’ health a world of good by simply following the specialist’s prognosis. This usually ends with a prescription for customized eyeglasses or spectacles.

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Better to be safe than sorry. Image conscious people if you will can always revert to the wearing of prescription contact lenses, if their condition allows for it. Also, prescription sunglasses come highly recommended. Even when staying shy of the worst hours of the day to be in the sun, the sun’s UV rays can be quite punishing and thus weaken the eyes quite considerably. As was said, better to be safe than sorry.