4 Signs You Need Testosterone Therapy

Men start to face a testosterone decline when they reach their mid-30s or 40s. When testosterone levels start to decline, a plethora of signs are there to alert you to a problem. It is important to know the signs of low testosterone because replacement therapy may become necessary. What are the signs of low testosterone and the need to utilize testosterone replacement therapy Florida? Four signs are listed below.

1- Your Sex Drive is Gone

Sex is a normal part of any healthy relationship and an act that everyone enjoys. If your sex drive suddenly disappears and the excitement is no longer found, you are probably concerned, and should be sine it is likely the result of low testosterone.

2- Your Energy is Lackluster

Testosterone gives you energy so if you feel less than active than you once did, perhaps this is the underlying culprit. No reason to miss out on the fun that life offers due to low testosterone when replacement therapy provides an exciting solution.

3- Low Muscle Mass

Notice your muscles aren’t as large as they were at one time? Do you notice more fat on your legs and arms and even around the midsection? If you guessed that testosterone plays a part in muscle mass, you guessed correctly.

4- Irritability

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If you are always in a bad mood and seem to get irritated at the little things, perhaps the irritability is due in part to testosterone levels fluctuating. Substantial drop in testosterone level is a good way to send hormones -and your mood- into overdrive.

More than four signs of low testosterone exist but these are among the most common. Pay attention to your body and talk to your doctor if you notice any of these signs affecting your life. It is the start of great things to come!